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Anglo-Saxon Oxford & Stow-on-the-Wold

Driving in Britain is such a thrill for Americans. Not a good thrill, mind you. Some people refuse to even attempt it, but I am married to an intrepid Canadian who is unfazed by the demands of left-handed driving. This … Read More

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Suffering from Research Rapture

Readers of historical novels are often curious about the research that goes on behind the scenes. After listening to an exerpt from my novel about Emma of Normandy, Shadow on the Crown, a friend asked if I’d researched everything at … Read More

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The Early English Palace

I wrote a post in April about English Great Halls, and this week I’ve decided to consider the larger question of English royal palaces in the early medieval period, prior to 1066. It is much more difficult than you might … Read More

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The International Congress on Medieval Studies

Nearly 600 sessions over four days on All Things Medieval. My first task: decide which sessions to attend. Not easy. There were one hundred fifty sessions each day divided into three time blocks, which meant that three times a day … Read More

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The Great Hall

Heorot The warriors hastened, marched together until they might see the timbered hall, stately and shining with gold; for earth-dwellers under the skies that was the most famous of buildings in which the mighty one waited – its light gleamed … Read More

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In researching my novel, Shadow on the Crown, I learned a few things. (Now, there’s an understatement! A future blog post might consist of a list of the things I’ve learned, but blog posts are not meant to go on … Read More

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Searching for Emma

Next week’s post will be from Copenhagen, but a recent significant occurrence in my life has me remembering a European journey I took in 2007. It began in Normandy, where I went in search of a young woman named Emma … Read More

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