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Book Club Bingo Adventure

On Sunday, June 10, I will be flying down to San Diego to participate in BOOK CLUB BINGO ADVENTURE, an event hosted by Adventures By The Book. I will be one of 22 authors who will be talking and lunching … Read More

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Of Runes and Repetition

Today I’m sharing something about my writing process. One of the difficulties that a writer faces in penning a trilogy is the problem of repetition. Frankly, it’s almost impossible to avoid when you have the same characters and the same … Read More

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The Last Kingdom, Episode 7: The Sack of Wessex

When last we left our hero Uhtred, the question on the table was, “What’s up with Leofric?” Why did Uhtred’s good friend (who we REALLY LIKE!) offer damning evidence against our favorite Northumbrian regarding their lawless adventures in Cornwall? The … Read More

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Vikings 3, Episode IV: SCARRED

This episode was, I think, the best so far. Well, they just keep getting better. What the title, Scarred, is referring to – other than Porunn, who appears only briefly in two scenes – escapes me. The episode begins, as … Read More

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Vikings 3, Episode III: Warrior’s Fate

The title of this episode seems to refer not just to the wounded and suffering Torstein, but also Porunn and, by extension, Bjorn. The battle that decides their fates was marvelously executed and filmed, which means it was horrible if … Read More

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VIKINGS 3, Episode 1: Mercenary

The Vikings are back with a vengeance! There are new plots afoot in every part of the Viking-Saxon world, and writer Michael Hirst has promised that we’re going to France, so grab hold of the gunwale and get ready for … Read More

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My Writing Process – A Writers’ Blog Hop

My colleague, naval historical fiction writer Antoine Vanner, has asked me to join a blog hop titled My Writing Process. Antoine’s Writing Process post appears at his Dawlish Chronicles website, and I urge you to hop over there and read … Read More

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Late Anglo-Saxon London: Part 1

Although Winchester was the Anglo-Saxon Royal City, by the time of Aethelred II’s reign in the late 10th century, London had become England’s financial and commercial powerhouse. There is so much to write about London that it cannot be done … Read More

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