The Price of Blood


England, A.D. 1006

England is under siege. Famine and death stalk the land, ambitious royal sons chafe against a father’s implacable rule, and across the Danish Sea a fierce enemy is poised to strike. A desperate, feckless king sits upon England’s throne, railing against a pitiless God and fearing Almighty vengeance for an ancient sin. His young queen, Emma, fears for the life of her infant son, for she has wed into a royal line that does not balk at murder to win a crown. Determined to protect her child from any who would harm him, the queen forges alliances with men of power, unaware that in a far corner of the kingdom there is treachery afoot. When England is ravaged by wave after wave of Viking armies, when loyalties are strained to the breaking point and no one is safe from the sword, the queen faces a final, terrible dilemma, and at stake is the one thing that she holds most dear.


Reviews of The Price of Blood

“The second volume of Bracewell’s richly textured Emma of Normandy trilogy weaves together the threads of the story left dangling at the conclusion of Shadow on the Crown…As the Vikings continue to threaten, vultures are circling in the upper echelons of the royal house, and it is difficult to know who to trust. Emma sets aside her own dreams and desires, shrewdly forging political alliances…Set approximately one century later than Bernard Cornwell’s popular Saxon Tales, Emma’s intriguing and historically authentic saga will appeal to a similar audience.” Booklist.


“Battles, treacherous plots, and desperation are multiplied in this tense novel. The reader sympathizes with the fiery and compassionate Emma as she fights off both external enemies who approach England’s shores and ones who scheme from within. Historical fiction fans looking for a new noble heroine will embrace this excellent saga.” Library Journal

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