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#BookadayUK 14: An Old Favourite

As this is now #BookadayUK, please note the British spelling of favourite in my title. In fact, there is only one book by Austen which would not make it into this ‘old favourite’ category. That would be Mansfield Park, due … Read More

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Getting Medieval in Middle America

I combined my fifth trip to the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo with a follow-up jaunt to the South Carolina Book Festival. Michigan, of course, is nowhere near So.Carolina, but my sister had recently moved to S.C. and … Read More

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Portals to the Past

On March 18 I returned to my old high school in Downey, California, to speak at Career Day. My talk, given consecutively to three groups of bright-eyed students, was well received although, as I told my listeners, the publishing industry … Read More

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Whimsical Wanderings

I frequently take a brief break from my writing desk to walk around the block, having learned that getting away from my computer – and more importantly, getting my blood moving up to my brain – assists creative thinking. Recently, … Read More

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