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Play Dates
May 31, 2012

Skirt Magazine, May, 2004 Once a year my sister and I meet for a play date. Well, why not? When we were kids, we played together all the time. We shouldn’t have to give it up just because we’re grown-ups. … Read More


Prairie Crossings

Skirt Magazine, September, 2005 When I was a little girl, my family would gather around the television set every Wednesday night for our weekly dose of Wagon Train.  Season after season, Ward Bond would lift his gloved hand, shout, “Wagons … Read More


A Passion for Ponds

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, May 22, 2005 I was about six years old when I first recognized that my dad was different from the other fathers on our block. While they spent their weekends playing golf and mowing lawns, my … Read More


Root and Branch

Skirt Magazine, December, 2007 “Last week we made 700 pierogi.” Violet’s words floated back to me as she led me down the basement stairs of her Saskatchewan farmhouse. I paused midstep, trying to calculate how many woman-hours it would take … Read More



Skirt Magazine, May, 2008 In the spring of 1970 I was a college sophomore living in a dorm room that looked pretty much like the one my son lives in right now. Two beds, two desks, a window facing an … Read More