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I enjoy connecting with book clubs, so if you belong to one and wish to book a chat with me, in person or via Skype, you can do so through the NOVEL NETWORK website.If you wish to drop me a note, please go to my Contact page to send me an e-mail.

price-of-blood-sm BOOK CLUB KIT

“There is not a single thing to dislike about this book. It’s strongly written, has nuanced protagonists, and is supported by a truly impressive amount of historical research. The Price of Blood is, far and away, one of the best historical novels I’ve read in months (possibly years). This is absolutely re-read worthy, top shelf material.”

“The Price of Blood has set this reader on the edge of her seat waiting for things to blow up in the royal family. What the author does by filling in the blanks of the Anglo Saxon Chronicles is nothing short of amazing.” Burton Book Review

“Bracewell builds a plot of intrigues, court politics, battlefields and daily life both among the Vikings and this early English royal family. Her psychology taut portrayal of Emma is utterly engaging.”

The Price of Blood is well written, well researched, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am eagerly awaiting the final novel in her trilogy…”

“Well-drawn characters and a propulsive storyline along with a little romance make this a worthwhile read.” Chicago Public Library

“Bracewell has cooked up a sizzling plot whose high drama and verve make The Price of Blood a real page-turner with a stunning conclusion.”


shadow2  BOOK CLUB KIT

“With everything from war and betrayal to forbidden love and sweet romance, Shadow on the Crown is one of the best historical fiction novels I’ve read.”

“This novel sparked far more interest in English history than I ever thought possible.”

“Bracewell’s enthusiasm for Emma and her world shines through every beautifully wrought sentence of this masterful debut.”

“Author Patricia Bracewell’s words have a life of their own in Shadow on the Crown, making for a stunning, well-researched, historical fiction debut.” Deseret News

“Shadow on the Crown gets my unqualified recommendation, and it’s clear by the end that Emma’s story has only begun. Even knowing the basics of the history, I can’t wait to see how these four characters’ entangled stories will play out.”

“Bracewell’s storytelling skills are to be admired. She employs all the machinations and drama normally found in the plays of Shakespeare to present this story, and her cast of characters are equally fascinating and well-bodied.”




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