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Wednesday in New York

New WTC Tower going up.

I’m on the road again, and this past week I made my first trip to New York City as  A Novelist. It was a pretty heady experience. On Wednesday morning I taxied down to Washington Square to have breakfast with my Viking editor and with a wonderful college professor that I had met at the International Congress on Medieval Studies last May. Upon hearing about the upcoming publication of my novel about Emma of Normandy, and learning that I would be in NYC in the fall, Professor Momma had graciously invited me to speak to her Freshman English class titled: The World of Old English Poetry. So, after that lovely breakfast (and I could kick myself for not asking someone to take our photo), we went across the street to NYU, where Penguin editor Emily Baker and I spoke with the students – Emily about publishing and myself about Aethelred and Emma, including reading some excerpts from the book – rather somber excerpts, judging by the look on my face.

In the classroom

The students asked intelligent questions and seemed enthusiastic about the book. A very special thank you gift was a copy of their text book of Old English Poetry, with notes written by students who did not have to scramble to their next class.

My next stop: A classy restaurant on 53rdStreet, where I had lunch with my extraordinary agent and her wonderful assistant.

Lunch at The Modern

We talked shop; we talked New York; we talked London. They made me feel like the world revolved around me. (My husband, poor man, listening later as I rattled on about the lunch, utterly full of myself, must hope this will not happen often.)

Back to lunch: we ordered a single dessert to be split 3 ways, however the management determined otherwise. The waiters appeared at the table with three different, gorgeous desserts. I love New York.

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