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Medieval New York

You’ll find medieval-like elements all over New York. Even the top of the Chrysler Building has four gargoyle-like creatures sprouting from its corners. The exterior of the Bedford Hotel though, has beautiful windows that caught my eye, and I’ve noted it as a place to stay someday, should I have occasion to return to New York.

Arched windows of Bedford Hotel

I found a great deal of the true medieval, though, at the Morgan Library and Museum – where we slipped in for a couple of hours on our last day in the city. An illuminated Life of St. Edmund from the Abbey of Bury St. Edmund caught my eye, created in about 1130.

Life of St. Edmund

There was a jeweled cover of the Lindau Gospels from 9thcentury France.

Lindau Gospel

But my favorite was a beautiful little marble statue of the Crowned Virgin from 14th century Spain that beautifully fits my concept of what Emma of Normandy might have looked like.

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