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Of Crowns and Kings

Throne Room. Rosenborg. Copenhagen.
Here is how reading a historical novel can impact your world:

Rosenborg Palace, Copenhagen
U.K. author Rose Tremain’s wonderful book, MUSIC AND SILENCE, is set in 17th century Copenhagen — much of it in Rosenborg Palace.
It is the story of an English musician hired by the Danish king, Christian IV, to play in the court orchestra. The orchestra’s venue: the cold underbelly of Rosenborg Palace. The orchestra performed in the cellar so that the music wafted through several unobtrusive openings in the floor of the palace rooms above them, charming the king and his guests.
     The cellar and the portals are still there, although not obvious unless you ask a guide. My inquiry began, “I read a novel…” and the reply came immediately. “You read MUSIC AND SILENCE. Yes, the orchestra was in the cellar, and an orchestra still plays down there on special occasions.”  And then he told me where to look.

Crown of Christian IV
One hopes that the cellars are heated now — as they were not in Christian IV’s time. The orchestra pit (pit indeed!) was not open for public view. I had to content myself with the basement display of the crown jewels, including Christian IV’s delicately stunning crown.

With only one full day to spend in Copenhagen, I very much doubt that I would have found my way to Rosenborg had it not been for MUSIC AND SILENCE.

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