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Emma Regina

Emma and her sons

Emma and her sons

On November 11, 2005, I wrote the following in my private journal:

I have decided to write the Emma novel. I want to try it. If I fail, I fail – but if I don’t try, I can never succeed.

Today, February 7, 2013, my novel about Emma of Normandy is launched into the world. As you can tell from that journal entry, I was not at all certain that I would be successful when I began this venture. In all honesty, the success that I have had from that date to this has been beyond my wildest dreams.

I wanted to write a book about Emma. And certainly I wanted the book to make it to publication because the whole purpose of writing it was to make Emma’s name familiar to as many people as I could reach.

But I never looked any farther than “Write the book, then find an agent.”  My thoughts never reached toward who the publisher might be; I only hoped there would be a publisher some day.

The last seven years (!) have been a remarkable journey for me. I have learned an enormous amount – not just about Emma’s world, but also about the modern day world of publishing. I have been guided by experts in both fields: academics whose studies laid the groundwork for the story that my book tells; my agent, my editors and all their associates in the US and the UK; writers who have been so generous with advice and encouragement; contacts in the world of social media – many of whom have become my friends.

It has been an adventure with delirious highs and desperate lows, and I have been supported along the way by my family and my close friends – I thank God for them every day!

Shadow on the Crown is now out of my hands and into the hands of readers as far away as Australia and as close as next door. I hope that Emma of Normandy finds a welcome reception, that my readers will remember her name, and that they will look forward to more because…..

…..there is more to come!

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5 Responses to Emma Regina

  1. scotlass66 says:

    Loved Shadow on The Crown; can’t wait for part two of the trilogy!

    • Patricia says:

      I am so grateful when someone goes out of their way (and registering to make a comment on this site is no easy matter!) to tell me that they liked the book. Thank you! (Part Two is coming!)

  2. Corinne says:

    An absolute fab read, Patricia! Thanks ever so much for introducing me to Emma. We’re (my 12 yr son and I) are “mad” about Vikings and have done alot of research about the area in which we live in southern Finland. Our research began when we wondered why the street on which we live is call Viikinkikatu (Viking Street, in Finnish). Archaeological research began here 5 years ago when a cash of Viking armoury was found a few 100 metres from our home. So glad your book “jumped out” at me in the library. Can’t wait for the 2nd installment!

    A little constructive feedback? The research that you did was impeccable. The characters, although perhaps even minor, had well heard voices throughout. The behind the scenes bedroom scenes took something away from the historical genre, though. I feel that these parts in the story could have been left more to the reader’s own imagination. An truly amazing debut novel that took me away from my family for a couple of days just so as I could get through to the end!


    • Patricia says:

      Dear Corinne, Thank you for your feedback about the book. I’m so excited to learn that it is in a library in Finland! I did not know that, and I am going to pass your comments on to my editor, who will be as thrilled as I am, I’m certain. I am truly delighted that you liked the book, and grateful that you were willing to soldier past the scenes that you found a little too vivid for historical fiction. We all have our own thresh-hold where that is concerned, I believe. My 25 yr old son would totally agree with you about the bedroom scenes – especially as they were written by his mother!

      How thrilling to have an archaeological dig going on practically just outside your door! I have never been to Finland…it and Norway are on my bucket list!

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