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Oregon Bound

We rarely leave the house early when we take road trips. Friends and neighbors leave at 4 a.m., 5 a.m., 6 at the latest. Not us. We like to travel on full stomachs and give ourselves plenty of opportunity before we lock the door to remember that one important item we meant to pack but forgot. It also gives me a chance to throw four or five more articles of clothing into the car which I will never wear, but which seemed utterly crucial at the time.

So, we plan our road trips around late departures. This means that in order to arrive in Ashland on a Tuesday for a 2 p.m. performance, we have to leave the Bay Area on Monday some time after lunch. Which is what we did today! And that put us in Mt. Shasta, our Monday night stop, right about dinner time.

We’re staying at the Mt. Shasta Resort, on the shores of Lake Siskiyou. It’s lovely here. All woodsy and piney around our “chalet”.

In the morning we should have time for a hike along the lake shore before we scurry up into Oregon.
We’ve been listening to A Feast for Crows all the way, but we do have a dilemma. It takes 35 hours to listen to this novel. If we want to finish it on this trip, we’re going to have to drive right past Ashland to, oh, somewhere near Whistler, Canada. It should be nice there this time of year, and I hear there’s a new highway……

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  1. Dick Jordan says:

    You do what we often do, stop along the way to Ashland, and make a one-day trip into two. We've stayed at the Mt. Shasta Resort, Dunsmuir, near Trinity Lake, and our favorite, McCloud.

    And yes, Whistler should be great this time of year (we were there last September) if you keep heading north on I-5 instead of just circling Ashland for 30 hours so you can finish listening to your audio book.

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