Author Pat BracewellI am a writer of historical fiction set in 11th century England. It is a time and a place that have always fascinated me, and in my books I try to re-create that distant world for my readers.

My trilogy about Emma of Normandy, England’s twice-crowned queen, sprang from my life-long fascination with all things medieval. In my novels I attempt to re-create Emma’s early medieval world for my readers as well as introduce them to this little known queen who has slipped into the footnotes of history. Queen Emma’s story, as I’ve imagined it, begins with my novel SHADOW ON THE CROWN, continues in the sequel THE PRICE OF BLOOD, and will be completed with the publication of the third book in the series, PERILOUS TIDES. As I work on that final manuscript I offer you, through this website, a window into my research, my writing and my musings about history and historical fiction. Thank you for stopping by.


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