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The Quest: VIKINGS

On a recent visit to County Wicklow, Ireland, I checked into a B&B just a few miles from where the History Channel’s VIKING series is filming at Lough Tay. I was hoping that I might catch a glimpse of Ragnar … Read More

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Vikings 4, Episode 3: MERCY

There was a lot of howling in this episode. Did you notice? Floki howls in pain, despair and grief. Lagertha howls in ecstasy. Bjorn gets howling drunk, but he also howls with triumph, with pain, and with cold. Rollo howls … Read More

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Vikings 4, Episode 2: KILL THE QUEEN

As I’ve stated before, VIKINGS is not history. It is fiction studded with historical elements, and for me part of the fun is nosing out the history on which this fiction is based. In Ragnar-land this week, near the fictional … Read More

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The Last Kingdom, Episode 4: The Peace is Over

With Episode Four we have reached the half-way point of this season. A new woman has entered Uhtred’s life. Those of us who have read Cornwell’s novels have learned to not get too attached to Uhtred’s women. They come and … Read More

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The Last Kingdom, Episode 3: The New King of Wessex

Despite the fact that the main character of Bernard Cornwell’s books is our hero Uhtred, it is Alfred who is the focal character of this episode. Everything and everyone revolves around him, and actor David Dawson does a spectacular job … Read More

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England’s First City, circa A.D. 1000

For centuries the city of London has been the cultural, political and financial center of the United Kingdom. Turn back the clock some 1200 years though, and you will find that the royal and religious center of England was farther … Read More

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What Happened at Corfe in 978?

Today, the chalk hill of Corfe on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset is crowned by the ruins of, for the most part, a 12th century Norman castle. But in Anglo-Saxon times a hunting lodge stood on the hill, and … Read More

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Review: The Ceremony of Innocence, a play written in 1968 by Ronald Ribman

It is Christmas Eve in the year 1013. The king of England, Ethelred, has retired to a cell in a monastery on the Isle of Wight. He is mournful, despairing, and self-exiled from his court and kingdom due to remorse … Read More

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Vikings 3, Episode V: THE USURPER

Oh, Sweet Heaven, I don’t know where to begin with this week’s episode. I have so many thoughts in my head, so much speculation, and even a discovery of sorts. Perhaps I should start with the title. The Usurper. By … Read More

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The Ghosts of Christmases Past

Did you notice that, this year, the Christmas shopping season began considerably earlier than in the past?  Christmas decorations now appear in store windows right after Halloween – pumpkins to pine trees in the blink of an eye. Many shops … Read More

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